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Internal Duets - Cardinal

The cardinal produces low and high notes from different branches of it syrinx. Its song syllables sweep through two octaves in which the hand-off from one branch of the syrinx to the other is seamless.

The cardinal's song can be found on the CD accompanying the book Nature's Music: The Science of Birdsong in which Roderick Suthers explains his work in the chapter "How birds sing and why it matters".

I slowed the cardinal's song using Bias Peak and separated the left and right channels using Bias Deck.

For nice explanations of the syrinx and a recent animation of the cardinal's use of its syrinx in its song, see Cornell Ornithology Lab's "All About Bird Song". I also recommend watching the Suthers Lab's older online multimedia animation of the syrinx of a cardinal: Suthers Lab Animations of the Syrinx.

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