Program Information: Series 3 & 4

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Recording Sources: Most of the birdsongs in this series were recorded by Chris Tenney. Recordings from CD collections that you can find in the library or purchase are identified in the program notes. Where the location of the recording is known, I've noted it.

Program Signature: The dawn chorus and canyon wren that you hear in each program's signature were recorded by Chris Tenney at the Los Padres National Forest. They were not recorded together, but I've combined them here with music.

Sound Manipulation: Birdsong slowed down using Raven Lite and/or Bias Peak. My basic tools for sound editing on the computer are Bias Deck and Bias Peak. I use SoundSoap to remove noise from recordings. Only manipulation done with other tools is mentioned in the notes for individual programs.

Series 3
Egg Calls
Chick ID Calls
Chicken Calls
Vocal Tract
Syrinx Styles
Airway Model
Airway Overtones
Coiled Trachea
Beak & Airway
Vowels & Airway
Tuvan Throat Singing

Series 4
Size & Sound
Forest Soundscape
Grassland Soundscape
Bird Hearing
Local Dialects
Regional Dialects
Drumming - Woodpeckers Etc.
Bird Tongues
Bird Brains & Singing
Song Duels?
Dawn Chorus
Finale: Song Sparrow