Bird Song Collections Generally Available

Note: Most of the bird songs and calls used in this series were recorded by Chris Tenney and are not generally available. This page lists just a few of the many wonderful collections of bird songs and calls available in stores or at your local library. See also Online Birdsong Resources.

Bird Songs of California, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

A Field Guide to Western Bird Songs, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology for the Peterson Field Guide Series

Western Birding By Ear: A Guide to Bird-song Identification, Richard K. Walton and Robert W. Lawson for the Peterson Field Guide Series
Groups 90 common birds as "whistlers", "name-sayers", and the like.

CD accompanying the book The Singing Life of Birds by Donald Kroodsma (see Books on Birds and Birdsong)

2 CDs accompanying the book Nature's Music: The Science of Birdsong, edited by Marler and Slabbekoorn (see Books on Birds and Birdsong)

Seattle Song: An audio guide to forest birds of lowland Puget Sound by Roarke Donnelly
Not always highest quality sound, but particularly interesting for including non-bird sounds that might be mistaken for birds.

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