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Rusten Hogness

Rusten Hogness is the host and producer of California Bird Talk. He's been producing science stories for radio since 1994, but his interest in birdsong is relatively new.

He finally got tired of hearing the sounds of birds all around him and not knowing what it was he was hearing. He started talking to experts, listening more carefully to birds, and studying how birds produce those wonderful sounds. When he started telling friends what he was learning, the general interest convinced him that he should share his stories with a larger audience.

The result has been California Bird Talk.

Rusten has shared awards as part of two collective radio projects.

Jeff Davis Jeff Davis is an ornithologist currently working on a book on California birds for the University of California press. Davis has taught courses on bird communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and elsewhere. The course at UCSC and Davis's talks with Hogness were the original inspiration for California Bird Talk.
Chris Tenney Chris Tenney is an ornithologist who has recorded birds throughout California and the West. His generous offer to share his sound library made California Bird Talk possible.
The stylized wren logo is from the collection of free bird clipart by Christine Tarski on the birding.about.com website.
The animated GIF of flying birds is from the same site.
marsh wren The photo of the singing Marsh Wren used as background on several pages was taken by Alan D. Wilson in 2007 at the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, California. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

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