Stations Carrying California Bird Talk

Jefferson Public Radio - starting April, 2008, 10:04 Saturday mornings
during Living On Earth on the Rhythm and News Service:
Oregon: KSMF 89.1 FM (Ashland/Medford), KSBA 88.5 FM (Coos Bay), KSKF 90.9 FM (Klamath Falls)
California: KNCA 89.7 FM (Burney / Redding), KNSQ 88.1 FM (Mt. Shasta)
and associated translators
Planning to rebroadcast whole series.

KRCB 91.1 FM (Rohnert Park) - started October 2005, 12:04pm Sundays
Aired entire series for the third time on Mondays at 6:35am and 8:35am during NPR's Morning Edition.
Archiving shows beginning 2011.

KUSP 88.9 FM (Santa Cruz) - started August 2005, 1pm Thursdays
Aired entire series twice. Archiving all shows beginning January 2007.

Comments from Program Directors

"Not a week goes by when I don't hear a listener sing the praises of California Bird Talk. It's our most consistently praised short feature."
Beowulf Rochlen, Public Affairs Director, KUSP

"Bird Talk reflects the natural curiosity all of us have to explore our world. Every episode is full of vibrant sound, with creative demonstrations of how birds create their unique songs. And Hogness fills the role of friendly, engaging docent for the audio nature walk."
Eric Teel, Director of FM Network Programming, Jefferson Public Radio

"California Bird talk gives us the science — and the art — of birdsong. It's a popular feature on KRCB, now in its third go round on our air, and popular with underwriters too."
Robin Pressman, Program Director, KRCB Radio

Article on California Bird Talk in the KRCB-FM program guide.

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