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Bird Breathing

Birds generally take a little minibreath between syllables when they're singing, up to 30 a second. But that's in some ways the least of the differences between their breathing and ours.

The red-winged blackbird's and robin's songs are from the CD collection Bird Songs of California produced by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. I slowed the robin's song using Bias Peak.
The Beatles' "Blackbird" is from volume 1 of The White Album.

I recommend looking at some lovely animated GIFs that TableTop Whale designed: "An animated guide to breathing," comparing what taking a breath looks like in a human, a bird, and a grasshopper.

Series 1
Vocal Range
Importance of Song
Avoiding Monotony
Learning Song
Hip Hop Mimicry
Hummingbird Complexity
Syrinx Anatomy
Internal Duets (Cardinal)
Internal Duets (Cowbird)
Internal Duets (Thrushes)
Syrinx & Pan Pipes

Series 2
Songs & Calls
Call Repertoires
Alarm Calls
Mobbing Calls
Call Notes
Cross-Species Alarms
Lungs & Air Sacs
Circular Breathing