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Most birds sing as they exhale, with beak open. Doves and pigeons are exceptions to this rule. They sing closed-beaked into their throats, then exhale, which gives the "coo" its distinctive sound.

The mourning dove recording is from the CD collection Bird Songs of California produced by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. The rock dove (pigeon) recording I use is from the CD collection A Field Guide to Western Bird Songs produced by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology for the Peterson Field Guide Series.
I slowed the mourning dove's coo using Bias Peak.

Series 1
Vocal Range
Importance of Song
Avoiding Monotony
Learning Song
Hip Hop Mimicry
Hummingbird Complexity
Syrinx Anatomy
Internal Duets (Cardinal)
Internal Duets (Cowbird)
Internal Duets (Thrushes)
Syrinx & Pan Pipes

Series 2
Songs & Calls
Call Repertoires
Alarm Calls
Mobbing Calls
Call Notes
Cross-Species Alarms
Lungs & Air Sacs
Circular Breathing